Annie Ovenden has collaborated with the poet Philip Quinlan and together they have produced three beautiful books, two published and one e-book. Philip has generously written this special poem for and about this exhibition. Please note: The poem is quite literally a ‘landscape’ and should be read straight across the two columns.

The poem, Hemistichal Landscape, perfectly describes the work and intentions of this exhibition.

We are grateful to Philip for his tribute.

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Hemistichal Landscape


I am filled by the space between trees and ignited by air;                           I am churched by the leaves in the sun and the altar is gold.

You are birdlike in singing the day as it needs to be sung,                         and the length of it cannot be lost in the others to come.

In the room where you hang an imaginary window is hung,                         and your vision of distance becomes what it ought to become:

something real yet surreal, something timeless and there but not there;      in your luminous landscape a numinous tale being told.

And there in the space between time where the passing is paused,            in a place where the vision won’t fade and one never grows old,

where perspective is all and the call of the far draws the eye,                     you are telling the truth: that the trees stand for nothing but trees,

that there aren’t enough names for the numerous colours of sky,                that a photograph cannot do justice to colours like these.

So I stand in this room where you hang and say nothing but stare,             until nightfall when frostfall wakes owls and their white wings unfold.


Philip Quinlan

 Hemistichal Landscape print produced especially for this exhibition.
Edition limited to 30 signed by Philip and Annie. Price £45


Poems by Philip Quinlan,
illustrated by Annie Ovenden.

This book measures 148mm square and is limited to an edition of 75.
All are signed by the author and illustrator.
It is printed in black throughout on a quality white matt paper.
The hard back cover and slip case are bound in black buchram.

Price: £50